Xiaomi Mi 37W Car Charger , Dual Port , No Cable

SKU: XIA-26554


  • Single port 27W MAX fast charging with flash
  • Two USB smart outputs. The output of a single red USB port can reach 27W MAX, providing up to 27W charging power
  • for the Xiaomi Mi 9 and Mi 9T Pro
  • Dual port 37W MAX high speed output
  • Two USB ports provide fast charging for both electronic devices, compatible with most devices
  • electronics, and the maximum output power can reach 37W.
  • Multiple protections are safer
  • Imported main control chip, multiple circuit protection, not only improves charging efficiency, but also protects better
  • the vehicle and loading equipment.
  • LED ring power indicator clearly indicates the location of the interface and can be seen at night.
  • Compatible with conventional models
XIA-26554 Xiaomi Mi 37W Car Charger , Dual Port , No Cable – Black 6934177716201