Samsung Travel Charger Fast (45W) 5 Amps, with – Type C to Type C Cable round PIN.

SKU: EP-T4510


Super Fast Charging 2.0 max. 45W, PD 3.0 PDO/PPS max. 45W

Interface: USB-C

Package Contents: Power Adapter, USB-C to USB-C 5A Cable, Quick Start Guide Physical specifications

Cable length: 1.8m Dimensions (WxHxD): 43.5 x 75.5 x 28 mm Weight: 105g Feeding Input voltage: 100-240V Output voltage (maximum load, normal): 5 V Output voltage (maximum, fast charge): PDO: 9 V, 15 V, 20 V / PPS: 3.3-21.0 V Output current (maximum load, normal): 3 A Output current (maximum, fast charge): PDO : 3 A(9 V, 15 V), 2.25 A(20 V) / PPS : 4.05 A(3.3-11.0 V), 2.8 A(3.3-16.0 V), 2.1 A(3.3-21.0V)

EP-T4510XBEGWW Round PIN – Samsung Travel Chgr Fast (45W) 5Amps , w/Type C to Type C Cable – Black 8806092861435