Nintendo Switch Lite



  • Nintendo Switch™ portable game at a great price.
  • Optimized for small, lightweight personal gaming
  • Elegant design with integrated controls and control cross
  • Compatible with all physical and digital Nintendo Switch™ games
  • A console for each member of your family.

Colors: Blue |   Yellow |  Gray |   Turquoise   |  coral |  Green

Introducing the Nintendo Switch™ Lite console, a new version of the Nintendo Switch console that is optimized for personal, portable gaming. The Nintendo Switch Lite console is a small and light Nintendo Switch console at a great price. With a built-in joystick and sleek design, this console is perfect for gaming on the go. The Nintendo Switch Lite console is compatible with popular games. If you’re looking for a gaming console that’s just for you, the Nintendo Switch Lite console is ready to go with you everywhere.

NIN-HDH-S-BAZAA Nintendo Switch Lite (Green) 4902370542943
NIN-HDH-S-BBZAA Nintendo Switch Lite (Blue) 4902370547672
NIN-HDH-S-BCZGB Nintendo Switch Lite (Animal Crossing Turquoise Green) 4902370551457
NIN-HDH-S-GAZAA Nintendo Switch Lite (Grey) 4902370542929
NIN-HDH-S-PAZAA Nintendo Switch Lite (Pink) 4902370545302
NIN-HDH-S-PBZGB Nintendo Switch Lite (Animal Crossing Coral Pink) 4902370551471
NIN-HDH-S-YAZAA Nintendo Switch Lite (Yellow) 4902370542936